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Achieving your health goals gently: the keys to success

by Mathieu Meeûs

When deciding to start a physical activity, it is important to do it gradually to avoid injuries and maintain motivation. That's why it's important to start slowly and set achievable long-term goals.

First of all, it is important to start with moderate physical activity. If you haven’t exercised in a while, it’s important not to overwork yourself right away. Start with simple activities such as walking, swimming or cycling, and gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise over the weeks.




Next, it is important to set achievable long-term goals. It’s tempting to want to change everything all at once, but it can be discouraging when you don’t manage to reach your goals quickly. It is therefore better to set longer term goals, such as losing weight or improving your physical condition over a period of 3 to 6 months. It is important to set achievable goals and break them down into smaller steps to achieve them.





It is also important to vary the activities to avoid routine and maintain interest. Try new physical activities, such as dance, yoga or team sports to vary your workouts and avoid monotony.

Remember that physical exercise is key to maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle. It is therefore necessary to consider it as a habit to integrate into your daily life rather than as a task to be accomplished. Find times of the day or week that work best for your exercise schedule and try to stick to them.





Surrounding yourself with people who will support you in your goals is essential. Sharing your goals and your journey with friends or family members can help you stay motivated and feel more responsible for your actions. You can also join a walking or running group, or even hire a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals.





Starting a physical activity gently and setting long-term goals is the key to successfully maintaining good health and optimal physical shape. It’s important to start with moderate activities, set achievable goals, vary your activities, consider exercise as a habit to integrate into your daily life and surround yourself with people who will support you in your goals.




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