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Rue Abbé Cuypers, 21
1040 Etterbeek

Welcome to Kinemerode

Located in the heart of Merode, in Etterbeek, this multidisciplinary cabinet is the origin of the Uperform project; it is here that it all began! Specially adapted to so-called passive treatments, our cabinet benefits from a modern set up and easy access. Uperform KineMerode is a friendly centre where you will feel welcomed and well-cared for.


Our general physio treatments are open to all from the very young to the very old ! At Uperform KineMerode, we also look after newborns needing respiratory physio. We also offer perineal/perianal consultations as well as complementary treatments such as osteopathy, nutrition and psychology.


Your nutritional intake must meet the needs of your body. We analyze your diet, and rebalance your nutrition if your sporting activities have caused deficiencies.


After observing your posture, osteopaths will use small manipulations to detect the tensions or imbalances that cause pain.


Physiotherapy targeting the perineum and the urogyneco-proctological area. Treatment with abdominal-pelvic and perineal re-balancing exercises and hypopressive techniques.


Live before, during and after pregnancy in the best physical conditions and with confidence.


“Kinêsis” means “movement” in Greek. It is a movement therapy aimed at strengthening, maintaining or restoring an individual's functional capacities.


The goal of psychological care is to help people to listen better to their inner self in order to understand their weaknesses and strengths

Our staff

Nicolas De Brandt


A passionate manual physiotherapist in his final year of osteopathy. Treats muscular, tendon, tissue-based and bone injuries, whilst seeking to identify the underlying cause.

Noémie Vanden Dael


Through gentle treatment, I want to help each patient to regain or maintain ease of movement and physical well-being. The reasons for consultation in osteopathy are varied: back pain, stiff neck, difficult digestion,… I also see pregnant / post-partum women and babies.

Marie De Giey


Nutritionist and food lover, Marie offers consultations which will enable you to improve your eating habits. Whether you have been diagnosed with a condition, are following a diet, are pregnant or need advice on intensive sports nutrition.

Mathieu Meeûs


Passionate about sport and performance, I will be happy to accompany you to the top of your abilities. Specific objectives or after injuries / operations, you will return to the field at a better level.

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