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After an injury or an operation or simply if you are looking to achieve a specific performance, our centers are specially equipped to help you discover your true potential! Analyze your strengths but above all your weaknesses in order to perform better on the field, this is our goal. Elite athletes, amateurs or those wishing to perform better in your daily activities: health and performance professionals will draw up a complete assessment of your skills in order to establish an adapted program.

Sports Performance

Team management

Personal Training

Running coaching

The advantages of being accompanied


Our services are adapted and specific to the characteristics of your sport and target the movements you optimize in your chosen sporting discipline

Encouragement when things get tough

We will always be by your side to help you give the best of yourself, in your victories and in moments of defeat.

Monitoring your performance

Day after day, week after week, you are able to measure your progress with innovative tools

Perform without getting injured

Amateur or professional sportsman, our specialists coach you to perform, while preventing injuries

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Feeling good in mind and body is what will enable you to achieve your full potential

Cure &

Re-education, re-conditioning and return to sport for all. We provide individualised and professional care. To reduce the risk of injuries, we act upstream on risk prevention.


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