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Who we are

Our Founding Values

Know our patients

Understand their background, their needs and their aspirations. Establish a programme adapted to their needs, based on scientific research.


Raise our patients’ awareness and help them to be better informed about the multiple factors which influence health prevention and wellbeing.

A cross-cutting approach

A holistic approach to our patients with multi-disciplinary patient care relying on all factors linked to health, vitality, performance and well-being.

A high level/top class environment

In each centre we want our patients to have access to top class infrastructure and to benefit from the latest innovations.

Our History

The history of Uperform dates back to 2012 when Mathieu Meeûs, a newly qualified physiotherapist and certified personal trainer began his career in a small clinic in Brussels under the supervision of Christian Jacques, physio/osteopath. At the same time as practising physiotherapy, Mathieu Meeûs teaches Crossfit and Krav Maga in the dojo of his Master Harry Mariette. This allows him to develop his skills in management and leadership as part of a small group.


His ambition: turn his passion for sport into his job !
His project: a multidisciplinary approach to his work combining his knowledge of physical re-education with that of sports coaching so as to offer his patients an active approach. From year to year Mathieu develops the same ambition: to push the boundaries further and further so that his patients can actively take themselves in charge.


And so he launches:


    • KinéMerode in 2014
    • Balanced Sports Clinic, founded with his friend and associate Gauthier Demartin, in 2016
    • Brussels Sports Performance  in May 2019 in association with Thomas Clarebout. Both are committed to offering holistic patient care, from prevention to a return to sport, but also to help sportsmen and women to take their sporting achievements to the next level.


An entrepreneur by nature and enriched by his different professional experiences, Mathieu decides to inject a more professional dimension into all his activities. Together with his wife, Elodie Dewez, he combines his different projects under one single identity: Uperform.


Uperform, evidently, is the product of multiple collaborations between professionals active in the world of sport and physical preparation. The team, composed of men and women, each one an expert in their field, is expanding from day to day. All of these experts share a common goal : combine their expertise to promote health and to push forward scientific research.


And so this collective project to develop a professional life built on a love of social interaction, sport, learning and performance is developing.

Our Mission

From day to day UPerform aims to achieve multiple and targeted goals:

  • Improve the general health of the population


  • Help the population become more active and less sedentary


  • Reduce the risk of injury


  • Improve performance


  • Achieve long term and lasting results


  • Adopt a holistic approach to patient care


  • Ensure a multi-disciplinary approach


  • Guarantee optimal communication between the different actors in the different centres, the prescribing physicians and/or the sports clubs.


  • Put movement back at the centre of re-education so that the patient becomes actively involved in their own rehabilitation.


  • Support sensitive causes with same values as ours


  • Prioritise continued professional training for our team so as to offer the best possible patient care.


  • Respect a charter of good governance within our various structures

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