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At Uperform, everyone has their own definition of performance. Whether you are sick, looking for a new breath, amateur or professional sportsman, Uperform wants to be your life partner in all your goals!


Uperform designs treatments and training programs adapted to each sport, and each level of physical condition. One goal: to increase the performance of amateur and professional athletes.


Feeling good in mind and body is what will enable you to achieve your full potential

Cure &

Re-education, re-conditioning and return to sport for all. We provide individualised and professional care. To reduce the risk of injuries, we act upstream on risk prevention.

Our Centers

Discover our centers in Belgium all having the same demand for results while respecting the Uperform philosophy. Choose your center according to your pathology and your geographic location.

2 months ago

Uperform invests in an isokinetics device

We are proud to announce that Uperform Brussels Sports performance has recently acquired a Biodex System 4 isokinetics device. Whether for evaluation, prevention, rehabilitation or muscle strengthening, physiotherapists will call on isokinetics to obtain results and draw up precise assessments.   The principle of an isokinetic device is to allow muscle strengthening work at a …

3 months ago

Small group training

Collective, varied and fun session that will allow you to improve your general condition but also your strength, endurance and explosiveness. Group training allows everyone to stay motivated and give the best of themselves. All sessions are adapted to the level of each individual and take place in a dynamic setting, under the supervision of …

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Alliance Thérapeutique et Rééducation


Alliance Thérapeutique et Rééducation


Do women have more stamina/endurance than men?


Do women have more stamina/endurance than men?



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