Jean-Benoit Morin: Sprint biomechanics for performance and hamstring injury management

JB Morin -profil force vitesse
Jean-Benoit Morin
The aim of the course, led by Professor Jean-Benoit Morin, will be to provide the theoretical and practical keys to managing the evaluation and development of physical qualities in relation to acceleration and sprinting, in a context of performance but also of managing hamstring injuries.

The first day will define, on the basis of recent scientific studies, the determinants of performance during acceleration in sprinting, evaluate them in practice (use of GPS and the MySprint application), and analyse the strength-velocity and load-velocity relationships of the athletes in order to establish a resistance training programme specific to sprinting and individualised.

On the second day, the same theory-practice organisation will address the use of biomechanical analysis of sprinting (force-velocity profile, kinetic and kinematic/gestural analysis) in the management (prevention-rehabilitation) of sprint-related hamstring injuries.
In the practical part, particular attention will be paid to running technique, its qualitative macroscopic analysis in field conditions, and its link with hamstring strain. Based on recent work, a particular focus will be proposed, including in practice, on foot quality and lumbopelvic control in sprint situations.

All the practical elements will be directly implemented during the training, and the data analysed on the spot by the participants, with the aim of autonomy in future professional practice.

This type of training can of course be addressed to physiotherapists, but also to physical trainers and coaches of many sports including sprinting (individual or team sports…)

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18.11.2023 9:00

2 days

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